The Fortune Teller

I live in Carlsbad, CA and make art in the form of paintings, illustrations, and posters that are influenced by Halloween, video games, D&D, and sci-fi/fantasy books. The artwork gets a little dark sometimes, other times it gets a little psychedelic.

If you are looking to get some art or a poster made give a shout to @kevtetreault on Twitter or Instagram, or use the contact form here.


I post artwork, music, homebrewing, beer, videogames, and other things I come across. Occassional pics of my pets Haku and Lily make it in there too.

  • Merchant Mixed some of this mornings coffee into the inkhellip
  • Made some hot sauce today out of tabasco peppersghost pepperhellip
  • Uh  I DM for years play for the firsthellip
  • We have a brutal guest DM tonight haku dnd catsofinstagram
  • Shadow Seer art sketch ink inked darkart gameart skull undeadhellip
  • Undead merchant art sketch ink inked darkart gameart skull undeadhellip
  • It was a long day today I dont have anyhellip
  • This undead merchant loves selling to you sword amp boardhellip
  • Undead merchant profile art sketch ink inked darkart gameart skullhellip
  • Its been a long week and Im ready for ahellip